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Shari Wynne Ressler 31:45

It happens. A big way that happens is that you’ve had people in your company that you think are not your partners that think they’re your partners? I mean, that’s a classic Facebook example, you know, face, you know, who’s the who owns it? We have a lot of issues with that. Sometimes there’s a dynamic going on. I mean, I’ve had people come in, and you know, they’re going to get divorced.

Eric Stopper 32:11

Oh, right.

Shari Wynne Ressler 32:13

And you have to say to them, you need to figure out what you’re doing with your relationship before you move forward. Yeah, and that is an interesting thing to deliver. But it’s it’s one of those things that some I have delivered. I mean, I think one of the things is you get really good at telling stories to deliver information, because people want to hear, you know, as a whole, it’s much easier to hear, here’s my experience. And this is how it played out. Or here’s what I’ve seen. Versus You know, there is a high value in sharing from installs, right, this idea of sharing from experience. But yes, that does happen. And or I can tell you their product. I mean, I’ve had this happen, somebody comes in and they’re exceedingly excited about the product. And their product is not good. And or I’ve had situations where they, somebody will cause a lot of entrepreneurs will come in and they’ll say, I have this product and no one else is doing this, huh? Well, wrong. 11 people? No, nobody’s doing that. Or, you know, the brand. I mean, there’s any number of things that are kind of showstoppers. But I would say that, you know, I’m a pretty positive person, I share that with my entrepreneur clients. And I’m pretty much into figuring out a way around things if I can. I think that’s one of the things that makes the venture best practice really unique is that, you know, lawyers tend to be hardwired to say no. And I really want to Yes, and my group once a yes. And our clients want to Yes, it might be a no, but there’s a plan, very solutions oriented as to how it is that people can accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Eric Stopper 34:04

That makes sense. So for for our listeners, right? The people who are running businesses, these are these are brand executives, these are sometimes startup folks that are looking for, for an edge. What are some of the criteria that they should evaluate in their business and in themselves, to either qualify themselves for Venture Best or for SKU? Or to disqualify themselves for it to say, hey, maybe it’s not a good fit for me, like, What? You who should come and talk with you? And how do they know that they should come and talk with you?

Shari Wynne Ressler 34:37

Well, I’m going to start off with there’s, there’s pretty much I pretty much will talk to anybody you can manage to find me just because I’m a fairly service oriented person, so was an individual. We do a lot of mentorship on the side, okay, but with respect and that’s true for SKU as an organization. If you’re not quite ready, and for Venture Best as an organization, one of the things We want to develop is how do we take clients that are brand new, and maybe not quite ready for scaling, but get them ready, right, because we do work with that there’s a, you know, doing a startup package and things like that was SKU, because SKU has matured. It’s very difficult to get in. I mean, it can be, there’s just because we do have a lot of people that apply. But I think what you’re looking at with SKU is having a certain being ready and prepared to scale is really what’s happening with SKU. So you’ve got to have a product, and it’s got to have some proven sales most of the time, although we have products that are kind of quiet, but have everything lined up behind the scenes, that could be a possibility, but it would have to be fairly unique. You need to be in a position to scale and, and, and grow. And that what that means is a product that is viable. I also think there is a skill in looking at a product and saying, how is this product, a company? So let’s use CFA as an example. CFA started, as a company called must be nutty. And they were selling toward gluten free tortillas at Whole Foods, a bucket tortilla, and they couldn’t keep them on the shelf. But they had not had a tremendous amount of sales. I mean, they had, you know, they were showing movement, right. So they were able to show that they had velocity. But the actual sales weren’t that high. I mean, they were a very new company. One of them was a student. The other was, you know, a woman that had a gluten free intolerance. It’s all part of a family. CSA is the seven family members. And what they did when they went through school is they became CIT. And it was a rebrand during the program. And then it was ch a family foods or family brands. So it went from, you know, the concept of a tortilla to the concept of here is a really amazing company, right? A brand company. Yeah, I think the potential for that company is very important to the people that evaluated it because we have so many people and so much expertise to bring that we want to be able to power that behind something that’s truly ready for growth. I would say in some ways, the same is for Venture Best. And remember, Venture Best is multidisciplinary. So it’s not just CPG it’s, it’s any multi industry, right? So it can be a tactic, you know, or, you know, bio science or health or we have a huge health consulting practice. I mean, it could be several things. But when you’re coming in, to Venture Best, one of the things that we’re going to be looking for is, are the people that I have in front of me and what they want to accomplish look like something that we really want to do, and something that we can protect. And when we look a lot at whether the company has intellectual property, that’s going to build their value, we want to build their value. And that is something that’s going to make a more exciting client for us, right, because I have a client now in my firm, that I was with them tips, they’re called tips, treats, and I was with tips. They were baking warm cookies, and delivering warm cookies from their dorm room at UT. And they are now a highly successful company across states delivering warm cookies. And you’ve got to believe in that cookie, right. And we believed in those entrepreneurs because they were awesome. But I think that, you know, how they grew and what they did in the fact that my firm and my my group, my crew that works with them literally could be from first, first cookie to literally whatever they want to do, right? is just it’s a really powerful ecosystem and provides a tremendous amount of bandwidth for these companies to be able to utilize us. So I would say that that’s the ideal client. Um, but you know, sometimes you don’t know right? Did we No, think about that. Right? Especially, you know, you just you do not know what’s going to be sometimes on firebrand, right. What’s the where’s the unicorn? Everybody’s trying to figure that out. And there’s definitely trends and things that we know are happening, but I mean, you know, SKU has a huge emphasis on health, like, you know, natural and health. And this isn’t, you know, just treats that make awesome sugar, chocolate chip cookies. And they’re doing just fine. You know, whereas SKU is got, you know, everything alternative. Right? Right. Um, I like the idea of having a bigger platform because you know, obviously skews got one thing it works or like lots of things it works on it. It also works in lots of different industries now. And we are doing health and beauty and we’re doing all kinds of CPG. But I really love to be able to do that in the context of the law firm, because you have that legal infrastructure and foundation. And you have the knowledge of that informing everything we’re doing with our clients. And so that’s kind of I hope that was helpful.

Eric Stopper 40:41

That was incredibly helpful. I think, I think now what, you know, how can people get a hold of these firms if they think that they’re a good fit, if they want to apply? Where should I send everybody?

Shari Wynne Ressler 40:51

Well, we have a website, And on that website is our Venture Best group. So You can always reach me feel free to reach out to me Shari Wynne Ressler. I have an email address at And I would love to talk to anybody that wants to connect with me and help them

Eric Stopper 41:23

perfect on the SKU front two, we’ve got SKU is Venture Best is go and reach out to her team. Shari, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Shari Wynne Ressler 41:34

Oh, well. Thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate it.

Eric Stopper 41:37

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