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Jason Ryser is the Chief Revenue Officer of Revity, a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, content marketing, video production, website optimization, email marketing, and so much more. The Revity team focuses first and foremost on social psychology and in understanding how customers behave and interact with products and services. 

Jason is responsible for bringing new business into Revity. He graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Business Management and Marketing.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jason Ryser’s perspective about e-commerce businesses selling on Amazon
  • Was Nike’s decision to pull its products off of Amazon a bad move?
  • Jason explains why multi-level marketing (MLM) companies should consider formally entering Amazon
  • Why Amazon gives value on product videos for registered brands and the importance of doing experiments on Amazon
  • How to get a free Alexa from Buy Box Experts’ Eric Stopper
  • Jason explains the shift from using keywords to key phrases in search engine and the role voice search plays in it
  • Why Google prefers mobile-friendly brands and how it quantifies user experience
  • What are Amazon snippets and how you can formulate questions that will lead customers to your page
  • How marketing brands can use voice search to drive people to their websites
  • How to get in touch with Jason Ryser and Revity

In this episode…

For any e-commerce business, understanding the psychology & behavior of customers is the key to keep your sales going up and to maintain brand relevance. But few businesses appreciate its value and those that do, don’t necessarily know how to do it right. And when you’re doing business in online marketplaces that are as volatile as Amazon, you need to be on your toes and be aware of every change that’s happening to maximize the opportunities that become available with each new update.

Join Eric Stopper of Buy Box Experts as he talks to this week’s guest, Jason Ryser of Revity about how to grow your brand both on and off Amazon and get some of the best tips on how to improve your digital footprint, how to optimize your SEO to reach your target audience, how to make the best kind of video for your Amazon registered brand, and how you can uncover customer behavior online.

BONUS: Tune in to find out how you can score your very own Alexa by answering the question that Eric has for the listeners of Buy Box Experts.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the buy box experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18
Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast This is Eric Stopper. This episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts we take ambitious brands and we make them unbeatable. We have a team of consultants who will go through and we’ll look at your aces on Amazon we’ll evaluate your business as a whole will ask you a lot of really hard questions but these are things that are going to help you build your business. So if you’re an Amazon seller or an Amazon vendor, I don’t care and you want to make more revenue. Go to click on the free analysis button you’ll be connected with a member of my team or myself. And we’ll make sure to keep it nice and brief. It’s free right now. It will not be Be free in a few weeks and so just know that like our time is getting more limited and so we want to be able to help as many people as possible but our consulting is just it’s crazy after the turn of the year it’s been pretty not so good to click on the free analysis button and let’s get started. Today I am pleased to have Jason Ryser the Chief Revenue Officer of remedy and if you’re curious remedy, the word is actually the combination of revenue and integrity. They’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, content marketing, video production, website optimization, email marketing, the list goes on and on. Just go check out their website if you want to make more money if you want more visibility, go talk to remedy. Their team focuses first and foremost on social psychology and understanding how customers behave and interact with products and services. Jason is responsible for bringing new business into revenue. So he and his team they’re in a unique position to know really general broad concepts about business but they also get into the nitty-gritty, nitty-gritty details, you know, kind of a swim at the top like a snorkeler, and then they dive down and find the treasure. Jason is a proud father of three. He’s a loving husband, a gun enthusiast, I brought him on the show to share his knowledge about online purchase behavior from the perspective of a digital marketing agency. And they look at all aspects of the business. So he’s got a unique perspective. Jason, welcome to the show.

Jason Ryser 2:36
Thank you, Eric. I’m happy to be here. Thank you for the kind words and introduction, of course.

Eric Stopper 2:42
Now, for Buy Box Experts, the focus is primarily Amazon and that’s not really your sandbox, but I do want to start off and just ask, how do you look at Amazon in the grand scheme of things

Jason Ryser 2:56
an intricate part of almost any issue commerce business moving forward. I mean, Amazon is a unique animal. There’s no one else out there like them. And what a lot of people don’t understand is how much your online efforts for your website and brand as a whole affect your Amazon sales. In fact, we’ve been able to see direct correlations between social marketing and running social marketing, even if we’re pushing to the website and a direct correlation to increase revenues on Amazon. And why is that? Because it’s such a trusted source. I mean, if you see an ad on social media, you click on it, and you go to a website, and it’s a product that you like, but you don’t know who this company is, you don’t know if you can trust them. People automatically are trained to default to look for Amazon and that’s exactly what people do. And the trend is going that way more and more and more so as an e-commerce business, it is hard to see you Amazon not being part of your strategy as you’re trying to scale.

Eric Stopper 4:07
So you think that if, I mean, let’s take the big the big gorilla in the room, right? Nike, right? They just pull all their stuff off of Amazon is that a bad move for them in the long run,

Unknown Speaker 4:20
you know,

Jason Ryser 4:22
as an initial as a big as a brand, as they are, they’re probably going to be just fine. However, like to me, I look at that and say like, why, I mean, obviously they’re looking at data as to why they’re not making as much here. But I’d be willing to bet that a big part of that was as they were realizing how much of their customer base because you know, they’re looking at nothing but data. My guess is they saw the writing on the wall of how much sales were going towards Amazon versus towards them. So I can only speculate, but my guess is they thought there obviously would be a better business they would make more revenues. By keeping everyone on their site versus allowing people to go to Amazon because again, the trust factor is a big part as I was speaking to with Nike, you don’t have that. But you do have it’s just the absolute ease. I mean, pull up an app on your phone, they have the one-click buy what you want, boom, it comes straight to your done. Right? I don’t think that that’s necessarily going to affect them. But they’re a very, very, very established brand. But it also, to be honest, wouldn’t surprise me. If they make that move back when they see as a whole. It wasn’t a right move in you know that that’s what will happen if well if the result is not what they’re looking for.

Eric Stopper 5:42
Yeah, they’ve done this a couple of times, Apple pulled their products from Amazon. I don’t remember what it was maybe back in 2007 or eight or so. I have to go and check on that. But I think arbitrage had a lot to do with it. Right because I’m selling to all these Nike outlets. So a punk kid can go and buy a product 70% off and then go listed on Amazon. I think they were having issues controlling their channel.

Jason Ryser 6:07
But is that going to help them control that aspect anymore?

Eric Stopper 6:10
It’s just like wiping it clean right and saying anything with Nike,

Jason Ryser 6:15
Nike. That means if there is something Nike on there, it’s illegally that

Eric Stopper 6:18
it just gets combust. Yeah, Amazon made that deal with them to just say like, no Nike products, yes,

Jason Ryser 6:23
that maybe if you’re Nike, they would put some Amazon put some algorithm in place to really crack that down. But I know a few of my clients like really big like, LifeVantage is a client of mine. Hmm. And they’re a big MLM. I mean, they don’t sell you got to go through a distributor to be able to buy it. Their biggest problem is, is their products continuing to get on there and they don’t sell on Amazon, and they can’t compat it enough. Like they send the cease and desist letters every day trying to get that stuff brought down. So it’s gonna be interesting to see how big of an ecosystem Amazon is, how well they’re gonna be able to control that.

Eric Stopper 6:59
Yeah, I think For these MLM companies, we were having a conversation with Nu Skin as well. And unique actually, those are two for those of you who don’t know, those are two big multi-level marketing companies here in here in Utah. And if they heard me call them multi-level marketing they would they would cry because they call it something else but they will have products diverted onto Amazon there is a 100% chance of that especially as big as they are. So for them in your mind, right if they cannot avoid the fact that their products will be diverted and should they just embrace it?

Jason Ryser 7:35
I think so. I don’t see why not. Maybe just jack up the prices you’re you may not be making as much as what’s the biggest thing you hear well, I don’t make as much and Amazon will true but you can make up for that in volume. I mean, that’s Amazon’s whole model makeup pennies off of a trillion transactions

Eric Stopper 7:54
know like, I think Yeah, and I don’t know for life. edge specifically, right? Like their customer, their customer lifetime value is probably pretty long, right? We’re talking

Jason Ryser 8:07
absolutely get somebody into the pharmaceuticals there. I mean the products that people use and will use continuously ongoing. I mean, just like anything you find a product that you like, I mean MLM historically has really good products. They’re also not the cheapest, but absolutely, people are going to use that time and time again.

Eric Stopper 8:27
Yeah, I wonder, I wonder what shift they’ll make. So I want to switch gears a little bit. There was an article back in 2017. Where this is one of your articles. I think it was on LinkedIn, you talk about the fundamentals of creating a great marketing video. And it was a great article. Go look at Jason riser on LinkedIn, he’s got a bunch of stuff associated with his name on there. Now on Amazon when you are brand registered you meaning you have a trademark right and you can put in all the extras like enhanced brand content storefronts, But you have the opportunity to put it in a video. So, I want to get into the process of how someone interacts with a listing, okay? Because this is very much social psychology, right? So if someone lands on my page, I want to give I want the highest chance that they are going to push the Buy Now button right or even like input their email. So this as of this recording tic tocs blowing up, right, like video first all the way?

Unknown Speaker 9:29

Eric Stopper 9:31
Do you think that the objective should be to get them to watch the video when they land on a listing? Or should you replace it and just use infographics or text like what do you think is kind of the best practice for a listing on a website or Amazon? I mean,

Jason Ryser 9:50
again, you just go back to the data. All the data supports that the way consumers and the majority of consumers are consuming them. Content these days is via video. It’s, they find it simpler, it’s easier, it’s more concise. You’re always gonna have those individuals that like to get into the nitty-gritty and read about it. But you control the messaging so much more, or I should say, and the delivery so much more through a video, you can sell them so much more through a video than you can through even text, because you can control how someone reads text and what they read and how they can’t control that as much. So video is absolutely the way to go. And it’s the future of the present and the future of content marketing. So let me warn more. If you don’t have a strategy built around video over the next five years, brands are going to lose, they’re going to lose.

Eric Stopper 10:52
I couldn’t agree more now. a philosophical question for you, Amazon Maybe it’s more of a question of form Amazon allows you to put in a video and the video always shows last. Always without exception, it’s a white background photo. And then usually like six to seven other photos, you can put whatever you want in there as long as it’s not like porn or

Unknown Speaker 11:16
profanity is

Eric Stopper 11:18
and then the video. So I’m a customer of Amazon right and I land on a listing, wouldn’t I want to make it so that the first time that I scroll over, I get the video? What do you what do you think?

Jason Ryser 11:33
Absolutely. I mean, you gotta imagine Amazon has some statistical reason why they’re doing what they do in terms of displaying the video. And I know that a lot of them I don’t know like a percentage of accounts on there that are branded or even have access to a video, but to me, that’s the first thing I want people to see when They come on a landing. If I have a video that’s been nurtured and created to help sell someone and stack the value of my product, that’s the first thing I want to see. So I got to imagine in time, it very least, Amazon’s gonna make that a lot more accessible. And here’s the thing is, I mean, when it comes to a video, I mean, you don’t know it even has a video until you get to that point, correct, right?

Eric Stopper 12:26
unless it has video in search. Some people have that capability, but most do not.

Jason Ryser 12:30
Mm hmm. So again, you gotta imagine they’ve seen something that’s the reason why they’re doing that. But the way every trend is going when it comes to video on every social platform is consumers want video. So I believe that’s going to be an even more intricate part of Amazon strategy moving forward and how it’s in I think it’ll even be opened up to more listings, as they move forward, just because that’s what consumers want.

Eric Stopper 12:58
So I almost wonder right like, if If I am building a listing for a client and I keep this video aspect in mind, I have Brand Registry so I have the capabilities to do that. I can’t move my video to the second position and still have all my other photos in there. It’s picture, picture, picture video. Should I just like, should I remove all of the things that are in the way of that video and then maybe because you can, you can use enhance brand content down below. So maybe prompting them to scroll down the page and look at the enhanced brand content at the end of the video. And just having your white background photo and your and your video present and the main meat of the listing. What do you think about that?

Jason Ryser 13:40
So I mean, me from an analytical standpoint, I’m going to look at that and say especially let’s say you have a brand that’s doing a product that’s selling really well on there. It’s like how much do you want to deviate from what’s working? So what I would do is if this was an option if I had multiple products on in my store That was one of the sales, I would actually test it. I would actually say before I just went and implemented across saying, hey, all the studies are showing this. Well, let’s see it, you test it, the data will always tell us what to do. And again, we can’t I know that we’re only limited in how much Amazon will let us see in terms of the data. But we can still track the I can see the conversion rate. Yeah, exactly. So that would be an interesting test is to run let’s see, if over a month period of time, if we tried that we removed everything else kept the video, so it was predominant. And then on another product kept as is and see at the end of the month, what at what performs better. And you may need to give it a little bit more time than that. But the data will always tell you if that’s the right move. I’d be willing to bet that it would be and I just believe that most people default to want to see is there’s something I can watch about this to learn more and helps people understand and breaks down the product even better.

Eric Stopper 14:57
Right. So for those of you who are listening, I’m gonna try this on some of mine and see if it works. But if someone can message us on Instagram a Buy Box Expert and show me data that shows an increased conversion rate over a statistically sound methodology right? Like you do it for enough time. I’ll buy you and Alexa. So I’ll get you an Alexa, send me the data on Instagram. I’d love to, I’d love to see it Because that helps us do our job, right. Like we want to know exactly the best things to do. But I don’t want to test it on all my clients. Do you know what I mean? I want to figure that out from the onset. So there’s an Alexa on the line. I actually do want to go back there’s one thing that you mentioned earlier about how when you advertise to somebody you get, you know, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, very top of funnel. They click on it and they land on a website or the little pop up on on Instagram. And then they leave. Right they leave to Amazon and then they go in they search on Amazon I don’t want them searching. Right? I want them going right to my listing if they’re gonna if they’re going to get there. So, as a matter of practice, do you think that people should have a way to get from that website to the Amazon listing directly? Or should they still leave that barrier and make the person go search on their own?

Jason Ryser 16:21
I think it’s I’ve seen both again, I think it’s looking at it. Every business is unique, and you need to look at as as as a business as almost an individual. And in some cases, you may want to have a button right there that says, hey, more comfortable check out on Amazon, and other cases you may not I always lead back to when a client asked me this because I had clients What should I do? Should I do this? I know a big percentage of my clients are already going over and buying on Amazon should just make that path easier. And again, my thing is, let’s test it. Yeah. may not be digital is you don’t have to speculate. We can speculate until we test it, and then we know what the right move is. So when it comes to pushing to Amazon, ideally, you’re going to find most people be like, well, I make more money on the site. Well, but if your conversion rate is that much higher by directing them over to Amazon, you’re making more money through more transactions. So again, it still comes down to Wayne it, maybe we add a few all it would take was is, if you know, obviously, if there’s a website that has, you know, multiple product offerings is to test a few of those products with that button and see what it does the conversion rate on the Amazon side and on the website side. If we can find the correlation there and then we can implement that across the board. Almost always though, I’m going to even if I’ve seen success in a certain circumstance where having the button leading straight back to Amazon or not having it works. I’m always gonna say hey, this is what I’ve seen historically happen for this type of business, but let’s test it with yours before we implement across the board sure, that makes him always the key because we have that ability these days to test everything.

Eric Stopper 18:22
So the conversation then is a sale Yeah, you’re gonna give a little bit more away to Amazon but you, you if you have a lower chance of losing that sale. If you know, put that button that says, hey, go check out our reviews or Hey, go look at us on Amazon, you’d want to do that, you know, you want to keep everybody inside of your funnel once they go to the search bar on Amazon, you’re pretty much doomed because any of your competitors could be bidding on a sponsored brand and a bunch of sponsored products on your campaign. Like if I get an Instagram ad from one of my competitors Holy smokes like I’m gonna be bidding on their brand name all day. Because I know they’re losing clients on the pilgrimage over to, to Amazon from their website or from Instagram. really insightful. I want to get into something that you have brought up to me. You notice that there’s a paradigm shift today, from keywords to key phrases. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

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Jason Ryser is the Chief Revenue Officer of Revity, a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, content marketing, video production, website optimization, email marketing, and so much…