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Royce Hackett 17:14

Yeah, that is definitely a tough one. I’d say we have two avenues we use for that one, we definitely look at the reviews we get on our e-commerce channels are often the things that we didn’t think about or realize was an issue, that they were pretty good at letting us know, if there’s any issues. And then when it comes to the surgery research, you know, it’s hard to get people to answer open ended questions. But we always do add open ended questions to our surveys, just the gauge, you know, usually, people like to share their opinion. So we’ll get some feedback. But we, there’s definitely some blind spots where you can’t ever really survey out, you just kind of have to be in the industry and be intuitive.

James Thomson 18:00

So we’ve talked to other folks in the past about the importance of Amazon product reviews and using it as an almost real time data source. How does your company leverage reviews in a way to feed into the general research that you’re doing?

Royce Hackett 18:17

Yeah, I’d say we’ve launched several products, and we’ll get the 30 reviews, you know, from Amazon with a review program, and we like, Oh, this is actually an issue, people are upset about the title of the product, or it’s, it’s missing something. So we’ll, we’ll go back to the drawing board and, and do a new label, yes, in a couple months to fix that. And then we’ll change the messaging online and let everyone know, in their reviews, you know, that we appreciate the feedback and we’re gonna make these changes. We’re pretty quick at you know, noticing trends and making adjustments.

James Thomson 18:53

That’s, that’s really cool. What’s interesting about your category, unlike so many of these digitally native brands on Amazon, there are very specific manufacturing requirements that you have. And because you are the manufacturer, gives you a little bit of an advantage and a little bit of a moat around your business. If I was making Bluetooth speakers or making vitamins, lots of people can jump into categories like that really quickly. When you look at the types of products you make today, what are some of the products that you see as being very difficult for others to jump into just because of the manufacturing or distribution restrictions?

Royce Hackett 19:32

A harder one is oat milk, you know, is the kind of shelf stable milk, you know, that is more expensive to get into. We had a lot of brands this past year jump into it. You know who a lot of bigger brands are, so that one is more expensive, you know, startup costs, as opposed to cinnabar, some of our other, you know, wet lines and dry lines. Yeah, yeah, we’re we kind of already have the capability and, folks probably one of the tougher ones For us as a company,

James Thomson 20:02

and you’ve got regulatory groups that have to evaluate the safety of your products, how do you work through those groups, but at the same time, you got to keep Amazon happy with all of their regulations on food and expiration dates and so on. What are some of the challenges that e-commerce and Amazon specifically have brought to your ability to manufacture and distribute foods?

Royce Hackett 20:24

Yeah, I’d say the standards we have already are really high, you know, with BetterBody Foods. So applying this to e-commerce has been easy. It does become more difficult when it comes to expiration dates. That was probably the hardest one. And even even Amazon. Yeah, we give them the lock codes. And yes, expiration dates, but they don’t really look at them. They just kind of file them away. And yeah, forget they exist, you know. So that makes it tough. If we ever had to pull products back. Next, you have to pull back everything. Which is, you know, we work with basically every retailer. And that’s the only one where we have to do it in that fashion. So that definitely makes it difficult if we ever need to pull back product. Yes,

James Thomson 21:03

yes. To talk to me about some of your favorite third party software tools that you use today online, to help drive your business. Are there tools that you’re using that you find pretty much necessary to get your job done every day?

Royce Hackett 21:18

Yeah, I mean, we definitely use helium 10. And I’ve always used Jungle Scout as well. It’s nice just to see, you know, rankings and kind of the bestseller rank or, yep, now there’s some tools as well, that can evaluate review reviews, you know, I don’t think a lot of consumers use those. But it’s kind of nice to see like, you know, if your competitors’ reviews that they’re getting are accurate or not, it’s kind of nice to check on some of those things.

James Thomson 21:47

That’s great. So if your brand continues to grow quickly, you’re making inroads with online consumers in your space, are there up and coming brands or trends that you’re seeing that we should all be paying attention to?

Royce Hackett 22:01

I mean, the biggest thing is just plant base, you know, and it seems like COVID accelerated that when there were issues with big suppliers of meat passing products, and more people were moving to plant based. And that’s kind of as a company, we’ve always, you know, you’ve been plant based. But even, you know, last year, we launched a plant based dressing and spread line called plant junkie. So we see that continuing to grow, just people moving away from meat.

James Thomson 22:32

So I have one final question for you, rice, I have two kids that are extremely picky eaters. When you look at your business of feeding people healthy foods, how do you solve the problem of getting kids to try new foods?

Royce Hackett 22:46

Now that’s definitely a problem. You know, kids are very picky. I think we’ve all been picky kids at some point too. And I mean, was nice. One of our products, we have a blending line. And that’s kind of what’s nice is maybe your kids don’t like certain vegetables, and they’re really hard to get them to check jack. You can add these superfood blends into a smoothie, you know, and they won’t even know that it’s actually good for them, you know, because it’s just blended in. So we find that’s probably the easiest way you do these blends, or you can bake you can even bake these blends into any type of dessert, but a health bar or a brownie or muffin, you know, and then they don’t really know they’re actually getting healthy food.

James Thomson 23:36

Sounds like maybe I should be paying attention to that too. Because I eat a lot of stuff that’s probably not considered healthy. But I sprinkle it with some healthy stuff mixed in then all of a sudden, well, there’s protein, there’s vegetables mixed in there. Exactly. It’s a little bit better for you. It’s great. Rice, I want to thank you for joining us today. For those of you interested in learning more about BetterBody Foods, please visit And now to finish today’s podcast I’d like to share some final thoughts. For third party sellers to be successful on Amazon. A critical lever will be soliciting feedback from customers. We at Buy Box Experts are really big fans of the team at eComEngine, and its tools that help Amazon sellers to simplify the process of messaging customers of Amazon orders. To learn more go to And with that, I want to thank you for listening today and I look forward to joining you next time on the Buy Box Experts podcast.