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PJ PereiraPJ Pereira is the co-founder and creative chairman of the innovative advertising agency, Pereira O’Dell. PJ is an advertising and entertainment pioneer who believes that agencies must provide return not only on the money brands are investing, but also the time consumers are spending with the work. His agency is credited with the creation of the first-ever social film, “The Inside Experience,” for Intel and Toshiba in 2011, which combined Hollywood talent content with social media participation.

PJ Pereira is a proud Brazilian-American and one of the world’s most influential and respected creatives. He is an Emmy winner, best-selling novelist, and double black belt in kung fu.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • PJ Pereira talks about what brands and creative agencies should consider when selling on an online marketplace like Amazon
  • Where should the branding activities of an organization start, and who should lead the process?
  • Tactics brands can use to ensure that their creative vision translates to tangible selling points
  • PJ’s advice on how to create compelling advertising messages
  • PJ explains what it means to “put yourself in front of someone who can kick your ass in business”
  • How brands can create awareness for their products without interrupting a customer’s shopping experience
  • Examples of brands that have successfully used cultural events to connect with consumers
  • PJ discusses his upcoming book, which combines kung fu with AI

In this episode…

On social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, it is common practice to see advertisements run as users watch videos. According to advertising expert PJ Pereira, these types of ads not only interrupt a consumer’s experience, but they also lack the lasting effects of truly successful ad campaigns.

On the other hand, many Amazon ads are almost invisible to users, and few shoppers ever actually notice them. So how can brands successfully create awareness for their products on this platform without being too invasive? Pj’s advice: get creative.

PJ Pereira, co-founder and creative chairman of Pereira O’Dell, joins Eric Stopper in this week’s episode of Buy Box Experts to talk about how to successfully boost your ad campaigns with a bit of creativity. PJ shares his tactics for creating compelling advertising messages, raising awareness for a product without being invasive, and using cultural events to connect with consumers. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast. We bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast This is Eric Stopper. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts take ambitious brands and make them unbeatable times or hard right now and I know that you are thinking about all kinds of horrible outcomes that could befall your business because of the recent developments with the virus. But come and talk to us Amazon is humming along and we would really like to help you out there. If you’ve never sold there before but you do have physical products you might want to take advantage of, go to, click on the free analysis button and you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team.

Today I am pleased to be joined by PJ Pereira, the executive creative chairman and co-founder of Pereira O’Dell. He’s an Emmy winner, best-selling writer, and a double black belt in kung fu and a black belt in karate. His agency is credited with the creation of the first ever social film, “The Insight Experience”, which he made for Intel and Toshiba back in 2011. And their list of awards for creative works in writing is staggering. PJ is a proud Brazilian-American and a prolific member and accredited pioneer of the advertising and entertainment world. He is a best selling novelist and is currently working on a new book that combines kung fu and AI. PJ, welcome to the show.

PJ Pereira 1:37
Glad to be here.

Eric Stopper 1:39
So I want to set the stage for you. Most of our listeners have an Amazon focus and tune in because they want to hear from experts on how to build a better online business both on and off of Amazon. So I want to talk about creative and branding work in the context of selling on Amazon. We’re kind of in this new age of e-commerce. And so just just kind of as a general question, what would you urge brands and creative agencies to consider when selling their products in a marketplace like Amazon?

PJ Pereira 2:10
so as you’re as you’re talking, I spent so much time in my life in a ring or a cage or the max kind of fighting that it’s hard to find metaphors that don’t involve some kind of martial arts element to it. So I think for me, when you think about the Amazon experience, you have to think of that as like, this is the moment of truth in the fighters life is the moment you go there you gotta fight the opponent they have been training for, and you have to look at that. There’s a lot that is going to be done there. But the fight is actually won or lost, with all the training leading to that. So the training for the moment of truth is how strong and powerful your brand is and how desired your product is. Once you get to that point you have no time to, to discuss or try to convince anyone of much time to have a few seconds to lead to that Buy button. So at that time, the work needs to be done already. Right. So if you think like a fighter on that Amazon fight, you have the big fight, you have to do the things you have to perform in that environment. But before that you have to have really trained and really get yourself ready to make the decision easy. It’s like yeah, there’s no other choice. I need I want and I want to now

Eric Stopper 3:40
I’m gonna ride this metaphor as hard as I can because I mean, I like it. I’ve been a Western boxer and muy Thai practitioner for about 12 years. And so this is right up my alley. So brands, I mean, if we’re talking about training, right, jump roping, dieting, extra, you know, actually getting in and fighting, doing sparring sessions, there’s a long list of of training tasks that are required to get somebody to the point where they’re ready to fight in the gym. What are some of these things for businesses that you know, what are the training activities that somebody needs to be performing before they actually land on an Amazon listing?

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