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Adam Epstein

Adam Epstein is the Vice President of Growth at Perpetua, an advertising software company that seeks to give superpowers to brands that sell on Amazon. The team at Perpetua is built from machine learning engineers and software professionals that hail from some of the top tech companies from around the world, including Google and Microsoft. Perpetua has raised over $10 million to fund their efforts.

Prior to Perpetua, Adam was the General Manager for Paytm and Velocity Mobile Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and a Juris Doctorate degree in Law from Queen’s University.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Adam Epstein discusses Perpetua and the future of e-commerce advertising
  • Adam explains how new Amazon sellers can gain traction with the pay-to-play model
  • How Mike’s Hot Honey used Perpetua’s software to find success on Amazon
  • How the Perpetua software gathers data to identify opportunities for growth
  • Adam explains how his software leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance human creativity
  • Adam discusses video as the future of e-commerce
  • How Perpetua’s tool helps brands create automatic sponsored brand videos and custom created videos for Amazon
  • How can you optimize click-through rates on Amazon and avoid losing clicks to organic lists?
  • Adam explains how Perpetua is the Zoom of e-commerce advertising

In this episode…

What does it take to win on Amazon?

According to Adam Epstein, winning on Amazon is increasingly becoming a game of tactics, with brands going to battle with their competitors on the online marketplace. Adam believes that brands have to arm themselves with the right software and the best advertising strategies in order to come out at the top of the game.

In this episode, Eric Stopper has an in-depth interview with Adam Epstein from Perpetua about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for advertising on Amazon. Adam explains how his software helps brands win on Amazon. He also talks about the future of e-commerce advertising, the use of Perpetua to collect data, and how brands can best optimize their click-through rates on Amazon. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09

Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18

Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast. This is Eric Stopper. This episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We have a team of consultants come reach out to us there’s lots and lots of issues having to do with Amazon whether it’s shipping or fulfillment or buy box issues or sales or advertising doesn’t matter. Come and talk to us. We’d love to help go to click on the free analysis button and you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team. We would love to talk with you.

Today I am pleased to be joined by Adam Epstein the VP of Growth for Perpetua, an advertising software company that seeks to give superpowers to brands that sell on Amazon The team at Perpetua is built from machine learning engineers and software professionals that hail from some of the top tech companies around the world, including Google. And Microsoft. Perpetua has raised over $10 million to fund their efforts. And they have a whole host of features that might interest you in your business. Adam, welcome to the show.

Adam Epstein 1:18

Eric, it is a pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me.

Eric Stopper 1:22

So lots and lots of things to discuss. I think it would make sense for you to kind of give me a flavor of Perpetua in a nutshell. What are some of the core products that you offer? And what should the listeners of this podcast try out first?

Adam Epstein 1:38

Yeah, it’s a great question. So Perpetua is a product and software company. So we’ve built some very powerful but simple and easy to use tools to help optimize sponsored ad advertising on Amazon. Additionally, we have some best in class reporting and advanced analytics for our customers to understand the impact that advertising has on their Amazon business. As well as a DSP managed service for the Amazon DSP. In a nutshell, uh, you know, we built some very awesome software for Amazon right now. But as you mentioned the mission of our companies to give superpowers to anyone that sells online, we just started with the largest store in the world and the fastest growing ad platform in the world. We believe that e-commerce advertising and the $20 billion that Amazon made in advertising, let’s call it 2019, and 2020, is just scratching the surface and that e-commerce advertising will be a 100 billion dollar business in the not too distant future.

Eric Stopper 2:42

100 billion dollar business I mean, not too distant. Give us an expected timeline. You think from what you’re seeing?

Adam Epstein 2:49

Yeah, I definitely think within the next five years. So what is e-commerce advertising? So you might even say that there’s 100 billion dollar business right now but what our definition of e-commerce advertising is a click or an impression that leads to an attributed sale of which you can model out organic sales against attributed to understand total sales for a brand that could be in a variety of different stores. So right now, as we mentioned, Amazon is the largest e commerce store in the world. Walmart is one that we think about a lot and we’re in the Walmart sponsored ad beta program. We just haven’t built a public facing product around it yet. We’re super bullish on Instagrams commerce capabilities in the not too distant future. So if you think about Instagram, right now, you have this mobile web shopping experience to purchase things but in the not too distant world. You’ll have payment information in app shipping information that in app one click Buy. And then hey, guess where more ads are going to come from the Explore feed with search results and when you’re searching for reformation dress and you see all these amazing dresses and a competitive dress brand would be able to buy on that As well as other marketplaces. So, as everyone knows, a senior Amazon ad exec was just recently hired as the CFO of advertising for instacart. They’re a massive grocery delivery company, and they’re going to build an ad product very similar to Amazon. So what you’re seeing in the market is a lot of the companies are like, hey, Amazon, you just made $20 billion of profit that is not necessarily profit, but revenue from that from a snap of a finger. I know I don’t operate on Amazon’s scales. But why can’t I create a $10 million advertising business or a $50 million advertising business and Amazon is still isn’t done. Amazon still has a ways to go. Their advertising business, I’m not sure about the past two years of growth rate because the baseline has been so high, but it’s got to be somewhere within the let’s call it 30 to 40% range year on here. So that will continue to grow. And, you know, we’re pretty confident that Amazon will quickly Do 550 billion views hundred billion within those five years? For sure.

Eric Stopper 5:06

Yeah, it seems. And I think I’ve heard you mentioned this on some other podcasts as well that they discovered that they’re this. Maybe they didn’t intend on this at the very beginning. But they discovered that their immediate company, right, that it’s all about the media buys. And Amazon has evolved into this pay to play model. Talk to some of my listeners who are a little bit smaller, who are trying to get into Amazon, if it’s pay to play and everybody else that I’m selling against just has a bigger, bigger stick than I do, right? How are these newer sellers gonna gain the traction that they need to become a big seller on Amazon?

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