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Free Amazon Listing Analysis


Is your listing hurting your sales?

Buy Box Experts has partnered with Trademark Angel to help you maximize every listing.

During our analysis, Buy Box Experts will show you how to…

Protect Your Brand

Using TradeMark Angel’s expertise in Amazon Brand Registry and trademark protection, we’ll personally review your images, photographs, content, and A+ content (when applicable) and teach you how to defend your listing from counterfeits and copycats.


Boost Traffic

We’ll give you the top 1,000 keyword opportunities in your category, ranked by relevance and performance. Then, we’ll show you how to use them in your listing to increase your market share on Amazon.

Earn Winning Reviews

Bad reviews happen when your listing doesn’t match customers’ expectations of your product. During our Listing Analysis, we’ll search for any inconsistencies between your description and your reviews. Then, we’ll give you recommendations on how to correct them so you can start earning positive reviews and getting more sales.

Make Customers Buy

Competitors are always going to offer a similar product for a lower price on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean you have to match them. We’ll help you justify your price and explain to customers why they should purchase your product over another one.

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What makes Buy Box Experts the experts on Amazon?

Our experts are made up of former Amazon executives, seasoned e-commerce experts, and even high-performing Amazon sellers. They’ve spent years learning the best Amazon practices—and have put it into action. With their guidance, you’ll see an increase in ROI and sales: guaranteed.

We also have access to the best Amazon tools, resources, and experts on the planet, like Trademark Angel. Trademark Angel has shown us how to use Amazon’s Brand Registry to strengthen brands and protect them from counterfeits and unauthorized sellers. 

How Does It Work?

One of our Amazon experts will personally contact you via Zoom Meetings. They’ll walk you through your entire listing and show you the opportunities your listing has to make more sales. 

It only takes 15 to 30 minutes. All you need is your computer, internet connection, and speakers or headphones.   

Several Amazon sellers have already benefited from partnering with Buy Box Experts.

See what they have to say!

“We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Buy Box Experts for over 6 months now…Amazon is challenging as things move every day and our listings constantly need to be updated. It is great to have Buy Box Experts on our side, to help us with the day to day account management. They assist with keyword optimization, listing new products, market research, general account maintenance and submitting cases to Amazon on our behalf. We are even beginning to expand internationally and Buy Box Experts is assisting us in that setup process in other countries.”
Royce Hackett

VP of eCommerce, Better Body Foods

“After 5 years of selling on Amazon, we finally admitted we needed help. With increased competition in our niche and the advertising platform getting more and more complex, our sales were plateauing. For us, the key differentiator of Buy Box Experts was their deep knowledge of Amazon (some of their team used to work in management at the company). Cameron and his team laid out a plan to help our sales grow. Our product pages are being revamped, our advertising campaigns are being optimized and it’s great to have a team of people pushing our brand forward. They will no doubt be instrumental in our company’s success in 2020 and beyond.”
Teddie Organics

“We were fortunate enough to find Buy Box Experts online several years ago…They reworked our Amazon pages providing us an informative and professional “look” that helped earn us increased sales and now an “Amazon Choice” rating. Presently, we are “up and running” in the UK on AmazonUK and starting to make inroads into our market there. This, with the ongoing “advice and counsel” of the Buy Box Experts team.

We could not be happier with Buy Box Experts. They are competent, energetic, friendly, and helpful. They keep their promises, and they do what they say they are going to do. I strongly recommend them
to any company needing on line sales and marketing assistance.”
A T Scott

President, Nutritional Supplements Corp