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Julia Nelson

Julia Nelson is the Director of Ecomm Expert Services & Enablement at Kenshoo, a technology platform that helps brands plan, activate, and measure effective marketing across all of the most engaging digital channels. Kenshoo is a leading Amazon partner and the number one Amazon Advertising solution for e-commerce marketers.

Julia earned her degree in Arts, Marketing from the Carson College of Business at Washington State University. Prior to joining Kenshoo, she was the Director of Enterprise Ecommerce Marketing at content26, LLC. Today, Julia is an expert in marketing and Amazon advertising.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kenshoo’s most frequently used tools outside of what Amazon offers, and the value they add to Amazon sellers
  • Julia Nelson’s tips for optimizing your listings and building a good advertising presence on Amazon
  • How Kenshoo measures the performance of Amazon ads
  • Julia talks about Kenshoo’s automatic bid-to-ROI optimization tool
  • Does Kenshoo track competitor ads serving and show brands their top competitors?
  • Julia explains Amazon dayparting and custom tagging
  • The best place to start when using a tool like Kenshoo
  • How Kenshoo provides cross-retailer support for users that are advertising on both Amazon and Walmart

In this episode…

The Amazon Advertising UI has a number of limitations when it comes to optimizing listings and tracking the performance of ads. Despite having a wealth of data at its disposal, Amazon has not released the same tools and insights as other platforms, choosing instead to keep things close to the vest. This is where third-party advertising software, such as Kenshoo, comes in handy. 

The Kenshoo platform provides a number of benefits and invaluable tools to help Amazon sellers and marketers maintain an effective advertising presence. With this software, you have access to greater historical data, smart bidding tools, performance metrics, and so much more. 

In this episode of the Buy Box Experts Podcast, Julia Nelson, the Director of Ecomm Expert Services & Enablement at Kenshoo, joins Eric Stopper to talk about the many ways Kenshoo adds value to the selling and marketing experience on Amazon. Stay tuned as Julia breaks down Kenshoo’s various advertising features, from dayparting optimization, to custom tagging, to cross-retailer support.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast This is Eric Stopper. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We’ve got a team of consultants who would love to talk with you about your Amazon presence. Please reach out to us, go to, click on the free analysis button and you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team. We would love to help. This episode is a part of a 10-part series we’re doing with the geniuses at Kenshoo. We thought to bring together our collective knowledge in a way that was fun and essentially educationally indispensable. If you’re trying to get to the next level of advertising on Amazon, then this is the podcast series for you. Today I am joined by Julia Nelson, Director of Ecomm Expert Services & Enablement at Kenshoo. Julia, welcome to the show.

Julia Nelson 1:10
Happy to be here.

Eric Stopper 1:12
So today, we’re talking about the Amazon Advertising UI. And the title of the episode is wins and lows, which I think can mean a lot of a lot of things to a lot of people. And one of the things that I wanted to focus on is some of the limitations that sellers and vendors might not be aware of right there, they only have their seller or vendor tool. They’re just doing their best with what they have. And they don’t realize that there are tools out there that can help them do a whole lot more. And so the first question that I have for you is just about Kenshoo in general. Right? What are some of the things that people see as a value add when they’re using the software, and what are some of the most frequently used tools that are outside of what Amazon offers?

Julia Nelson 2:09
Yeah, kind of where to start with that. I think there’s a lot of elements, I think first and foremost kind of a low hanging fruit would be reporting flexibility. So within the Amazon UI, you have quite a bit of limitations about historical data with the types of data that you can extract from the UI. So within the tool I can show you, you can aggregate historical data. And once you were loaded onto that platform, you can slice and dice your data as far back as you can, as well as other access to other specific reports like out of budget information, serving time information at the campaign level, or even ad level so that you can start to make really granular optimizations at the product out within your campaign, and separately would be optimizations in general, within Amazon. A lot of that is going to be really manual within the campaign you can make in a bulk sheet like bulk change within the UI, or you have to go through a bulk sheet with maybe Excel rules that you’ll upload backup and become a really manual process. So anything that’s repeatable, you can essentially set a rule for within Kenshoo, you can make that an automated action to increase or decrease bid, you can use it for a day party strategies to stretch your campaigns longer into the day. And then alongside that, we also have bidding algorithms. So as obviously not something that’s present within Amazon, but it will essentially aggregate campaigns together in one bucket and focus them towards a KPI goal. So whether that’s return or spend threshold, whatever that is, you can essentially set that as your target with intent you and it will do the heavy lifting from a bid management perspective to get you there.

Eric Stopper 3:45
So tell me a little bit , this is kind of a challenging question. But we have found that some of the brands that we talked with find that if they just turn on their automatic campaigns, and they’ve written a really good listing They set a budget, a daily budget. And then they track just even the silliest of metrics like a cos there’s they’re typically able to do like a decent job. All of these little, I guess not little all these big features allow for the user to set these goals and to make these optimization rules. And so have you seen, like, a trackable difference between the efficiency of some of the best amazon seller central only campaigns and the Kenshoo advertising platform leverage campaigns?

Julia Nelson 4:40
Yeah, so the question about automatic campaigns or just kind of seller versus vendor, I think it’s all about kind of the approach and what your goals are. So like, if you’re, you know, myopically focused within advertising metrics, and just with auto campaigns and you’re strictly looking at return, then of course, you can achieve those things. But are you really making a movement within the category overall? And kind of more incremental budget levels or even the share within the category as well, are you getting first page placements within that so there’s placement reporting, that you can also aggregate within Kenshoo or limited views within the UI as well, you can kind of see where what places my using picking up is just gonna be a sustainable growth for my product or brand overall. versus if you kind of crank up your spend and grow from a share boys perspective, and also looping in what’s that what that’s doing to your organic and more sustainable sales, right? Like, if it’s gonna feed that flywheel, then why not crank up your ad spend right to make that more fruitful?

Eric Stopper 5:42
So there was a lot of very technical expertise in what you just said. And some of the folks that listen to our podcast, they, you know, maybe they’re, they’re kind of new at this. And so, as kind of a very special Simple breakdown of these optimization goals that people have. What are some of the things that people should be looking at in terms of having a really good Amazon advertising presence? Like, are there like a top three optimized for this, this and this? Or is it really more dynamic than that?

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