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Did you know that 55% of all page views get less than 15 seconds of attention?

While content and keywords are great for getting your listing to rank on Amazon, most customers actually avoid reading your product description.

Why? Because reading takes time, and consumers want to get information quickly and easily.

This is why infographics are a must-have in your product listing. They lay out the most important facts about your product in a visual format that can be digested quickly.

If you have been struggling with your conversion rates, refer back to your product photography. Infographics are one of the most important listing attributes that can directly affect conversion.

Here are some of our tips for creating an infographic that leads to conversions:

Include 3 – 4 bullet points highlighting your product’s key features. Include no more than 5 bullet points so that your photo isn’t cluttered with text.

3 packs of Run Gum with text: quick boost, alertness, focused, energized

Include a “dimension” infographic. Customers love to see sizing and how it will look in person.

Baby Elephant Ears stroller liner with woodland animal print

“Break” the product open to highlight its different parts, how to use it, or what it’s made of. You can either take the product apart and photograph it, take a close-up, or include zoomed-in circles of each part of your product with a short description

Polyester fabric tarp with text: waterproof polyester fabric, Top-stock polyester fabric won't rip or tear with regular use

Make sure your photos are mobile-friendly. Visit your listing on your smartphone to ensure that your photos are easy to view and read on a mobile screen.

Wooden wall shelf with text: elegant geometric design, all hanging hardware included, saves space & effort in installation

Choose colors wisely. When designing your infographics, choose colors that complement your photo. Make sure your fonts are legible (we recommend using Sans Serif).

Remember that the product is the center of attention, not the graphics. Don’t overcrowd your product’s photo with graphics. We recommend using a minimum of 2 infographics in your product listing alongside studio and lifestyle images.

BeachMate beach tote with 2 blue shovels and text reading "2 shovels attach to the back of the bag"

Infographics are a visually pleasing way to define the highlights of your product and another opportunity to show how it stands out from competitor listings. We recommend using Adobe Suite, or for a cheaper option, Canva, to design your graphics. 

Get more information about product photography and infographics in our blog post: Conversion Through Amazon Photography.