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Our Market Share Analysis tells you the top searched for terms for your brand so you can you have complete brand control on Amazon. The report will also show you the top brands in your category and their main keywords so you can beat them to the top. It will tell you which keywords you should be bidding on so you can increase your ROI with organic and paid traffic. It will also explain which competitors are getting click share on top keywords and their conversion rates so you can take a piece of the market. Let us explain.

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Take total brand control

Be the only one

Type your brand into Amazon. What do you see? In best case scenarios, your page result will look like this (but for your brand).

If your brand looks anything less than this, you are losing a large portion of your sales to your competitors. Customers searching for your brand are the lowest leads in the sales funnel. They want to buy YOUR product. You cannot afford to lose those leads.

Beat the competition

The answer is simple: data

Our free market share analysis report will tell you how much traffic and sales you are losing to competitors that have space on your most important brand searched terms. From this you can learn which words will be the best to protect your brand on Amazon. This will also help you learn what keywords to put in your titles, bullets and back end to ensure you are getting the highest return on investment for everything you’re doing on Amazon.

Capitalize on Competitor Keywords

Now that your brand is protected on Amazon, you’ll want to focus on the next level in the funnel: category searches. Once again, let data (and our report) guide the way.

We’ll go into your category and tell you what ASINs are making most of the sales, who the top selling brands are, and what exact keywords are getting the most traffic and sales. To delve even deeper, we’ll tell you the percentage of click share and the percentage of conversion share for each keyword for the top three ASINs per keyword. 

Additionally, the report includes a list of the top 10 ASINs for your category and shows you every word they index for (yup, that’s a big list). Then we go a step further and highlight the ones that are also in the top million in Amazon search volume. That’s what matters most. There are unlimited opportunities when going after other index words.

Convert more

Another helpful data sheet provided is the top 1,000 opportunities on keywords for your category. We rank them by words that will be most relevant and drive the most sales on Amazon. You’re welcome. 

Now you know what words you’d like to utilize, it’s time to maximize your title, bullets, backend and advertising budgets. That’s where our experts shine. We will guide you on what keywords you should strategically use and which words don’t matter because they’re not driving traffic or sales anyway. 

When we run ads/optimize listings, we try to get as low in the funnel as possible as those leads will drive the most sales and highest conversion rates. We’ll run a complete discovery campaign where we’ll learn the performance level, such as conversion rates and cost per conversion, for different keywords. Then we’ll take advertising data, combine it with keyword data and figure out where the holes are. We’ll weigh what keywords we are missing altogether versus what keywords we need to be more aggressive on in advertising versus what keywords we’re not ready to advertise on because resources aren’t ready yet for something higher in the funnel. 

It’s a lot. And we promise to personally make it all simple and understandable no matter your experience on Amazon.