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Our Market Share Analysis will tell you the top searched for terms for your brand so you can you have complete brand control on Amazon. The report will also show you the top brands in your category and their main keywords so you can beat them to the top.

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Loaded with powerful information, effective strategies and insights from our team, your brand will be ready to dominate on Amazon. We guarantee an increase of sales and ranking after utilizing our report and following our teams’ insights and suggested strategies.


Take total brand control

Brand keywords and analysis

When you search your brand name on Amazon, what do customers see? In best case scenarios, your page result will look like this (but for your brand). All your logos. All your products at the top.

You may be asking…

Why and how competitors showing up on my brand searches?

And if you’re really competitive, you’re probably wondering how to bury them.

The answer is simple: data.

Competitor Keywords

Our free market share analysis report will tell you how much traffic and sales you are losing to competitors that have space on your most important brand searched terms. From this you can learn which words will be the best to protect your brand on Amazon.

Convert more

Once you’ve mastered traffic and have hundreds, maybe thousands of customers visiting your listings, what are they going to see and will they actually convert into a sale? Part of the Market Share Analysis is tailored insights for your specific listings.

Identify opportunities

Another helpful data sheet provided is the top 1,000 opportunities on keywords for your category. We rank them by words that will be most relevant and drive the most sales on Amazon. You’re welcome. 

It’s a lot. And we promise to personally make it all simple and understandable no matter your experience on Amazon.