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Want more sales from your listing?

Buy Box Experts’ FREE Listing Analysis will show you how to optimize your listing to get your brand more traffic and higher conversion—guaranteed.

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How can I make my listing get more sales?

Your listing needs to be both SEO-optimized and aesthetically optimized if you want to increase sales. When our experts run a Listing Analysis, they’ll review and grade your entire listing. This includes your title, features, description, price, and images. They’ll let you know what your listing’s SEO value is and how attractive it currently is to potential customers. Then, they’ll go a step further and tell you what improvements can be made to maximize your opportunities. 

How do I get more traffic to a listing?

Organic rank and sponsored ads work together to drive traffic to your listing. Before you start, you’ll need to know what keywords to use. Buy Box Expert’s free Listing Analysis gives you the top 1,000 keywords in your category, ranked by relevance and performance. From that, we’ll provide tips on how to use the best keywords to build traffic.

How do I improve my organic rankings?

You can boost your organic rank by strategically placing keywords in your listing. During our Listing Analysis, an experienced Amazon consultant will help you figure out where to place your keywords so that your listing can rise in the rankings. 

How do I find out who my top competitors are?

During Buy Box Expert’s Listing Analysis, our experts will identify who your top competitors are and what keywords they’re using to outrank you. We’ll then compare your listings to theirs and show you how you can beat them to the sale. 

How do I improve my reviews?

Instead of asking how to improve your reviews, you should be asking how to improve your listing. If your listing isn’t accurate, your customers won’t be happy. In our Listing Analysis, our experts will search for any inconsistencies between your description and your reviews, and we’ll use that information to help you set proper expectations for your product with your customers. 

Everyone is undercutting me on price, and I can’t afford to lower my price. What are my options?

With Buy Box Expert’s Listing Analysis, our experts will compare your listing to your competitors’. They’ll help you identify your Unique Selling Proposition and what makes your product stand out against your competitors. We’ll help you justify your price and explain to customers why they should purchase your product over another one. 

How Does It Work? 

First, one of our Amazon experts will personally contact you via Zoom Meetings. They’ll walk you through your entire listing. During the analysis, they’ll show you the opportunities your listing has and how it could be making more sales. 

It only takes 10 minutes. All you need is your computer, internet connection, and speakers or headphones.   

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Improve Your Listing, Increase Your Sales

We promise our Listing Analysis will increase your sales and ranking. Just follow our experts’ advice and strategies, and you’ll be on your way to dominating Amazon!



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