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Looking to make more money with your Amazon Advertising?

Buy Box Experts’ FREE Advertising Audit will show you how to strategize your PPC campaigns; getting your brand more traffic and higher conversion—guaranteed.


Do I need to advertise on Amazon?

Yes. Your competitors are already using advertising to take more market share, making you lose traction. Buy Box Experts’ Amazon Advertising Audit will show you the exact keywords you should bid on so you can create a strategy to get ahead of your competitors and increase your market share. 

How do I know if I have a good ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale)? 

During the Amazon Advertising Audit, an expert will walk you through your account and help you understand your ACoS in relation to your RoAS (Return on Ad Spend). We’ll show you the best way to focus your advertising budget on more profitable campaigns, giving you a higher ROI. 

Should I bid on my own brand name?

Yes. Customers searching for your brand and products are the highest converting leads. Competitors are bidding on your brand’s keywords to divert customers away from your products—and take the sale, too. The Amazon Advertising Audit will show you how to protect your brand. We’ll give you specific branded search terms you should bid on so competitors can’t lure your customers away. 

How come my ads aren’t showing up on Amazon?

If you’re not bidding aggressively enough on critical keywords, competitors will push your ads out of prized ad spots. With the Amazon Advertising Audit, we’ll show you which keywords competitors are outbidding you on. Then, we’ll take a look at your current advertising strategy and assess how you can gain more ad placement on Amazon. 

How long should I let an ad run?

This depends on your account, category, and keywords you’re bidding on. During the Amazon Advertising Audit, an expert will identify which of your ads are successful and which need to be scrapped. They’ll measure your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate to give you valuable insights that are personalized to your account and brand.  

How Does Your Ad Audit Work?

First, one of our Amazon experts will personally contact you via Zoom Meetings. We’ll then give you instructions on how we can temporarily access your account. Then, we’ll start the audit. During the audit, our experts will review your PPC campaigns and identify where your greatest opportunities are. 
It only takes 30 minutes. All you need is your computer, internet connection, and speakers or headphones.   

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