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Affiliate Marketing with the Most Powerful Analytics Tools

Jim Winn joins Eric Stopper in this episode of Buy Box Experts to talk about why he created Rpple Analytics, how it works, and the best strategies for using it. He also discusses Amazon celebrity stores and monetizing Tik Tok. Stay tuned.

Building Content With Intent for Amazon

James Thomson interviews Damon Burton, founder and president of SEO National, about how to drive traffic to your Amazon pages and website with minimal paid Ads. Damon explains why social media has very little influence on SEO, how backlinks work, and why you should invest in long-term search engine marketing efforts. Stay tuned.

Machine Learning & AI for Amazon Advertising with Adam Epstein of Perpetua

Eric Stopper has an in-depth interview with Adam Epstein from Perpetua about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for advertising on Amazon. Adam explains how his software helps brands win on Amazon. He also talks about the future of e-commerce advertising, the use of Perpetua to collect data, and how brands can best optimize their click-through rates on Amazon. Stay tuned.

Battling Abuse with the Younique Foundation

Chris Yadon is the Executive Director of The Younique Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, funded through a combination of public donations and private donors, who holds offices in Lehi, Utah and in Alpharetta, Georgia. Chris has previously held...

Using Pricing Policies to Solidify Channel Management Both Online and Offline with Gene Zelek of Taft Stettinius and Hollister Law Firm

James Thomson interviews Gene Zelek of Taft Stettinius and Hollister Law firm about using pricing policies that solidifies channel management both online and offline. They talk about how pricing transparency brought about by online marketplaces has impacted brands, the various challenges brands face due to pricing discrepancies, and best practices for enforcing pricing policies. Stay tuned.