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Mindy Fashaw is the Chief Operating Officer at Pacvue, an enterprise platform that helps brands, sellers, and agencies optimize their e-commerce advertising. Clients use Pacvue to programmatically manage their campaigns on Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces in order to lower costs, grow share of voice, and increase sales. Before joining Pacvue, Mindy held leadership roles at Amazon and Newell Brands.

Dave Vermeulen is the Director of DSP Advertising for Buy Box Experts. In 2001, Dave founded Seattle Ad Force, Inc., a full-service agency that supports mid-sized and large advertisers with their DSP advertising strategies. His specialties include DSP advertising, programmatic media buying and planning, mobile advertising, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mindy Fashaw talks about Amazon DSP and how it fits with other forms of Amazon advertising
  • The benefits of Amazon DSP versus Amazon AMS
  • What types of Amazon sellers should start taking advantage of Amazon DSP?
  • Dave Vermeulen explains what non-endemic DSP means
  • Mindy and Dave’s thoughts on the process of remarketing to customers on Amazon
  • How to effectively budget for Amazon DSP at your company
  • The key features of Pacvue’s Amazon DSP software
  • The difference between using Amazon DSP and self-service DSP
  • Mindy and Dave discuss the future of Amazon DSP

In this episode…

In order for e-commerce sellers to grow and scale on Amazon, it’s essential that they effectively target potential customers and drive them to their product listings. While many sellers have used Amazon sponsored ads for this purpose, it may be time to start incorporating another strategy: Amazon DSP.

Amazon DSP enables brands to programmatically buy display ads on and off Amazon to reach a bigger audience and promote their products. Amazon DSP also helps brands and advertisers improve their organic rankings, remarket to customers, and collect valuable data. So, what do you need to know about Amazon DSP to start boosting your e-commerce business today?

In this week’s episode of the Buy Box Experts podcast, James Thomson is joined by Mindy Fashaw and Dave Vermeulen to discuss what e-commerce sellers need to know about Amazon DSP. Mindy and Dave discuss the differences between Amazon DSP versus sponsored ads, the types of Amazon sellers that should use Amazon DSP, and the benefits of Pacvue’s Amazon DSP software. Stay tuned.

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Podcast Episode Transcripts:

Disclaimer: Transcripts were generated automatically and may contain inaccuracies and errors.

Intro  0:09  

Welcome to the Buy Box Experts Podcast. We bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

James Thomson  0:18  

I am James Thomson, one of the hosts of the Buy Box Experts Podcast. I’m a partner with Buy Box Experts and the former business head of the selling on Amazon team at Amazon, as well as the first account manager for the Fulfillment by Amazon program. I’m the co author of a couple of books on Amazon including the recent book, Controlling Your Brand in The Age of Amazon. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. When you hire Buy Box Experts, you receive the strategy optimization and marketing performance to succeed on Amazon. We also support investors with due diligence services. Go to buyboxexperts.com to learn more. 

Before I introduce our guests today, I want to send a big shout out to the team at GETIDA, a global leader in Amazon FBA auditing and reimbursements, GETIDA analyzes your Amazon data, reconciles your FBA inventory and files claims for reimbursements on your behalf. To learn more, check out getida.com. Today I’m pleased to welcome two guests to the podcast. We have Mindy Fashaw and Dave Vermeulen. Mindy is the Chief Operating Officer at Pacvue, the enterprise platform for brands sellers and agencies to manage their e-commerce advertising. Combining the power of holistic performance data with the tools needed to take recommended actions, marketers use Pacvue to programmatically manage their campaigns on Amazon, Walmart and other marketplaces in order to lower costs rowshare voice and increase sales. Mindy previously worked for Amazon and Newell Brands. We’re also joined today by Dave Vermeulen, the director of DSP for Buy Box Experts. In 2001, he founded Seattle Ad Force, a full service agency located in the Seattle area, where for the last 10 years he supported mid and large advertisers with their DSP advertising strategies. In 2019, he joined the egility.co, which later combined with Buy Box Experts, where today he leads the DSP team. Mindy and Dave, welcome. And thank you both for joining us today on the Buy Box Experts Podcast.

Mindy Fashaw  2:24  

Thanks for having us. Thanks, James.

James Thomson  2:26  

So a lot of our listeners may not be familiar with the Amazon DSP. I want to start by asking you, Mindy, would you take a moment to explain what is Amazon DSP? And where does it fit with other forms of Amazon advertising?

Mindy Fashaw  2:40  

Yeah, that’s a great question. So Amazon DSP is a demand side platform. Meaning that it enables advertisers to programmatically display video and audio ads, both on and off Amazon. When I say programmatically, I mean in an automated fashion, right? So you can set specific settings, parameters, etc. And then the system goes in and does that buying for you based on those parameters that you set. And it allows advertisers to programmatically reach audiences, both online audiences, I should say, both on Amazon sites, devices and apps, as well as through publishing partners and third party exchanges. And so those are what we typically call off Amazon placements. So for example, you know, if you’ve ever been, you know, shopping online, and then, you know, put your phone down and came back and decided to read the news, and you open the CNN app, you might be revisited by one of those products that you were just looking at online. And you might think that, you know, maybe it was just a coincidence, or or maybe Big brother was watching. And the reality is big brother Jeff Bezos was watching. And that’s you being served that that ad,

Meet the Speakers

Mindy Fashaw

Mindy Fashaw

Chief Operating Officer at Pacvue

Dave Vermeulen

Dave Vermeulen

Director of DSP Advertising for Buy Box Experts

Buy Box Experts

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