Nozani Develops First Amazon-Based Business Model

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In 2015, Amazon did over $107 billion in net sales. They have over 186 million unique monthly visitors and supply over 300 million active customer accounts. They have established themselves as the dominant online selling platform for major corporations, small businesses, and aspiring individuals alike.

The launch of Amazon Prime has established an even simpler way to sell on Amazon. Just ship your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and let them store your products, ship your products, and provide the customer service. Even for companies who don’t know if Amazon is for them, it’s left them saying, “why not?” The simplicity is unprecedented.

Sales statistics aside, Amazon’s system is still far from perfect. It’s definitely not something that just anyone can do. Many of those willing to give it a shot have been disappointed because it feels like you need a Ph.D. in Amazonology to be able to navigate their selling platform. Many businesses and individuals have turned to third-party companies to get Amazon selling assistance.

How do you know who’s qualified to help you sell? How do you assure yourself that what you’re paying for is worth it, or even that the amount you’re paying is fair? Several companies claim they can get any product big on Amazon. However, your sales potential is based on a host of characteristics that are found in the back-end of Amazon. Until now, there hasn’t been a proven method for getting sales on Amazon across varying categories.

Nozani has created the world’s first model that centralizes Amazon selling, and can truly make any product successful on Amazon. How? Amazon sales ranking is based on sales, reviews, listing quality, keywords and more. So, we gathered a team of experts in each of those variables. Nozani’s team of specialists target every aspect of establishing a brand on Amazon. including:

·     Amazon storefront creation

·     PPC and social media marketing

·     Amazon-ready listing and keyword optimization

·     Photography/ videography

·    Strategy

Nozani’s model is uniquely specialized with Amazon. Rather than taking back most of your increase revenue before you even see any results, Nozani delivers affordable, sustainable, results.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a product to sell or a corporation looking to get products on Amazon, Nozani is ready to work with you.

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