Client Feature: G-Loves

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G-loves was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. They rock the athletic apparel industry with their workout gloves, weight lifting belts, hand wraps, and gel studio gloves.

All G-Loves products are made in the U.S. G-Loves works with chemists to design grips that stick, even underwater! Made from Neoprene, these gloves prevent harmful workout postures resulting from painful hand pressure. They’re also easy to clean. G-loves’ grips are unique and high tech, and there is nothing else like them on the market.  They love to stay ahead of the curve with their game-changing technology!

G-Loves offers two types of workout gloves: G-loves with minimalist padding and Gelometrics with thick silicone gel padding specifically engineered for activities that require a lot of pressure on the hands. G-Loves’ gloves are not only made for women. The G-360 line is constructed with men in mind.


  • Yoga, Pilates, and Lagree enthusiasts
  • Weightlifters and boxers
  • Surfers
  • Rowers and kayakers
  • Climbers
  • Football players
  • Gardeners
  • Dog walkers
  • Wheelchair or crutch users
  • CrossFit enthusiasts
  • Golfers
  • Trail runners and Tough Mudders
  • Horseback Riders
  • Individuals with Arthritis
  • Cyclers
  • Anyone that uses their hands!


G-loves’ founder and owner, Hedda Royce, started her career in investment banking. However, she soon learned that the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for her. Hedda has a passion for being active and promoting positivity wherever she is. She began looking for other opportunities that were more exciting to her.

In 2009, Hedda combined her business abilities with her love for working out and started G-Loves. Necessity proved to be the mother of invention.

“I suffer from really small hands and thumbs, so grip and protection have always been a challenge when I workout.”

Hedda found the idea to produce gloves in the palm of her hands. Literally. It’s all about soft hands and a hard body!

Main focus:

The driver of G-Loves lies in empowering workouts, no matter what the challenge is. They believe you shouldn’t have to be limited because of hand-fatigue. They also want their customers to gain confidence and motivation from looking good with stylish grips. Hedda says she exists to make people happy. She aims to be as helpful as possible, especially demonstrated through G-Loves’ customer service. One of the highlights of running her business is that she gets to see pictures of her community of followers achieving their highest aspirations with the help of her gloves.

Future Outlook: 

G-Loves is expanding globally. They are available in the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. Across the world, G-Loves’ brand champions create communities bounded by a common love for activity, connected through Instagram. G-Loves is also looking into two new product expansions. Look out for the releases!

What have you learned about e-Commerce?

“It’s easy to sell something that’s functional and fashionable. E-commerce also makes it possible for me to spread the love to anyone, anywhere!”

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Gym background Fitness weight equipment on empty dark floor

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