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Chris Yadon

Chris Yadon is the Executive Director of The Younique Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, funded through a combination of public donations and private donors, who holds offices in Lehi, Utah and in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Chris has previously held leadership positions in the startup tech and nonprofit industries and his expertise centers on heightening awareness to the epidemic of sexual abuse, as well as educating the public on best practices for prevention and the healing services available to survivors. He has been featured across several media platforms where he is often requested to contribute as an industry thought leader and expert.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What is the Younique Foundation about and what do they do
  • Chris Yadon shares statistics on sexual abuse against women and children
  • What does it take to spread more awareness and address the problem of sexual violence?
  • How to prevent sexual abuse at home and how to start the conversation on consent and boundaries with children
  • Statistical predictors that show the possibility of sexual abuse happening to a child
  • What parents can do to instill self-worth in their kids at a young age
  • What people in the broader community can do to prevent and address sexual abuse
  • How The Younique Foundation has been able to symbiotically grow itself over the last 5 years
  • How companies can find the right organization to support and how company benevolence impacts employee performance
  • Chris shares two success stories from The Younique Foundation

In this episode…

A few months ago, the Buy Box Experts team had the opportunity to visit The Younique Foundation in Lehi, Utah. The Younique Foundation is an organization that helps women and kids who have undergone childhood sexual abuse. They also help parents become more educated about such kinds of issues to protect their kids.

The Buy Box Experts team helped in making blankets which are used by the women in their retreats, and they were also told about the foundation’s Defend Innocence project.

Eric Stopper invited Chris Yadon from The Younique Foundation to talk about their work in addressing sexual abuse issues among women and children. Chris shares grim statistics on sexual abuse in the US, how the foundation helps the victims, success stories from the women they have helped, and what parents and the broader community can do to prevent and address sexual abuse. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09

Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18

Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast. This is Eric Stopper. This episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We have a team of consultants come reach out to us there’s lots and lots of issues having to do with Amazon whether it’s shipping or fulfillment or buy box issues or sales or advertising doesn’t matter. Come and talk to us. We’d love to help go to click on the free analysis button and you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team.

Now this episode will serve as a slight but delightfully significant departure from what we normally do on the Buy Box Experts podcast. My guests usually come on to discuss their tools and their platforms. their businesses, their secret sauce, specific to the Amazon platform or e-commerce in general. But we’re going to mix things up today. A few months ago, our team had the opportunity to visit the Younique Foundation in Lehi, Utah, an organization that helps women who have undergone childhood sexual abuse, and they help kids and parents become more educated about these kinds of issues. We made blankets, we were invited to do it, it was so simple.

But we found out that these blankets were going to be used by the foundation on these amazing retreats that these women take. We learned a little bit about their mission and they gave us a tour. And they told us about this project called defend innocence, which I can only describe as a playbook for parents to protect their children and educate them from abuse. I had no idea how bad these kinds of issues were. But rather than trying to explain how bad it is, I decided to reach out to somebody at the foundation to come on the show.

And so today I’m joined by Chris Yadon. He’s the executive director, director of the Younique foundation. He’s previously held leadership positions in the startup tech and nonprofit industries. His expertise centers on heightening awareness to the epidemic of sexual abuse, as well as educating the public on best practices for prevention and the healing services available to survivors. Chris has been featured across several media platforms where he is often requested to contribute as an industry thought leader and expert. Chris, welcome to the show.

Chris Yadon 2:28

Awesome thank you Eric. So good to be here and so excited to you’re taking this little detour. It’s awesome.

Eric Stopper 2:34
Yeah, this will be a fun but very grave conversation for us to have. You are very much on the like executional side of this business of this foundation. Can you kind of give me the background? I know that Shelaine Maxfield was one of the founders of the Younique Foundation. Can you kind of give me the the Quick, quick and dirty of that story and kind of how it came to be

Chris Yadon 3:04

Sure. Shelaine Maxfield, our board chair and president who you referenced, she and her husband felt a deep desire to help deal with an issue that didn’t have a champion. There are lots of people trying to do it. But there wasn’t a strong champion in this industry. Derek had come from Tech. I’ve actually worked with them in tech, as you read in my bio, but they both had someone they knew that had been impacted by sexual abuse. And as they’re discussing, why doesn’t somebody do something about this? They had a deep impression that they needed to do something about it. At this point in their life, they had taken care of their family financially, but felt like they needed to use their finances to do greater good for others. So as our family board members, founding donors, they got this thing started. That’s a little over five years ago, I had a deep relationship with them. And I won’t go into the details of that, because, you know, too boring for podcasts. No. But needless to say, with that strong relationship we dug in together and we started making an impact right away.

Eric Stopper 4:19

Now you mentioned that both of the of the Maxfields had had somebody that they knew impacted by sexual abuse. The stats were the most remarkable thing that I had ever heard. Can you give us kind of a flavor of the stats in this? I don’t want to call it an industry. Yeah, but this problem?

Chris Yadon 4:40

Yeah, so they’re there. It’s an epidemic. I mean, it’s rampant. And even the most conservative estimates show how rampant it is. So the most common stat that’s quoted is one in four girls will be sexually abused by age 18. And one in six boys. With girl stats, the estimates will range from about one and three to about one in seven. The boys are a little broader, you’ll see anywhere from about one in five to about one in 20. But even if you were talking about one in 20, which it’s definitely more common than that, think about that. Think about how many kids you know. And if it’s one in 20, or being sexual that is, that is horrendous. It’s an epidemic and for various reasons, it’s been swept under the rug. So we don’t talk about it a lot. But over the last few years, it’s starting to emerge and you’re seeing a significant movement that’s bringing out of the shadows. Everybody starts to find out about it, find out how prevalent it is. And you know, we’re at the forefront of helping parents eradicate it.

Eric Stopper 5:48

Now there’s an excellent book by Malcolm Gladwell, well called the tipping point. And he talks in there about connectors, mavens and salesmen and how these people will contribute to helping tip a movement in the right direction and sometimes in the wrong direction, right? He talks about that in his book. And so I’m wondering, have we hit that tipping point? And if we haven’t, what’s it going to take for us to get to the point where just everybody knows about it and is aware of it?

Chris Yadon 6:20

Yeah. So I would say No, we haven’t hit that tipping point. And here’s why. What you’re seeing right now, in this emergence or this awareness that’s going on is you’re seeing people hearing about it, people acknowledging that they’re hearing about it, but we’re still not to the point that people are accepting it as reality, or maybe better said, accepting it enough that they’re actually doing something about it. So we’re at that early stage of awareness. You can’t go on a major news channel or even a local news channel and do more than one scroll through the newsfeed And not find a story about sexual abuse. That’s how much we’re talking about it. But people still are saying, well, not my backyard. Right then the NIMBYs of the world not in my backyard. It’s not happening here. It’s not happening to my family. It’s not happening in my church. It’s not happening to my employees. It’s not happening, you know, it’s happening somewhere else. And the reality is statistics and studies continue to show sexual abuse No, no knows no boundaries, it impacts every socio economic group, it impacts every race or religion impacts everywhere. And so we’re at that stage where we’re starting to talk about it, but we’re still going. I’m not sure do I really believe this? And that’s the next hurdle to climb.

Eric Stopper 7:51

You know, I almost wonder if the problem becomes

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