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The Buy Box team applies decades of e-commerce experience to successfully manage our clients’ marketplace accounts. Our account managers specialize in combining an understanding of your business fundamentals and an in-depth expertise in the Amazon Marketplace. They work with our marketplace technicians using a system of processes, proprietary software, and extensive channel experience to ensure your Amazon presence captures the opportunity on the marketplace not only producing greater revenue and profits but also reducing or eliminating your business’ workload. We pride ourselves on being one of the few agencies with an SMB (small to medium sized business) division and an Enterprise division. We don’t commingle clients among divisions as each has unique needs and requirements for proper account management. By having unique systems, software, and people devoted to each segment, we provide the value each client expects and deserves.

Why Buy Box Experts?

We are a niche marketing agency, specializing in marketplace management for brands, manufacturers, and resellers. This means we devote ourselves to helping you sell the most product on Amazon. Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla in the room for marketplace distribution. Amazon typically accounts for 70 percent of an online retailer’s marketplace sales. Although we encourage sellers to diversify their marketplace strategy by expanding onto additional channels, we claim the most expertise and ability to benefit your business on the Amazon marketplace. And on Amazon, the lifeblood of your seller business depends on the Buy Box.

Let’s say you’re selling this Lego set:

Amazon optimization


When someone searches for “lego treehouse” and then clicks through to this product detail page, Amazon chooses one seller and puts that seller’s details in the Buy Box. What does that mean? Well, to have the buy box means that this seller’s information will appear within the product details listing next to “Sold by.”

Amazon seller consultants

It also means, most importantly, that when a customer clicks on the “Add to cart” button, the sale goes to that seller. This seller is called the “winner” of the Buy Box and will make far more sales than any other seller for that product, usually greater than 90 percent for new, non-media items. The seller in the Buy Box is not usually permanently there; in fact, the Buy Box-winning seller can change every 15 to 60 minutes, sometimes resulting in a new winner, sometimes resulting in the same winner as before. These rotations are hidden from a customer already viewing the page, as Amazon uses cookies to ensure each customer sees only one Buy Box winner per hour. However, if the Buy Box winner’s performance metrics—things like the price of the product, the amount of available stock, or overall performance of the seller according to Amazon’s internal Seller Performance criteria—change for whatever reason, then Amazon may display rotation to another seller before the one-hour time period is up.

Think of it like a Ferris wheel:

Amazon product listing

In this analogy, each passenger car represents a seller’s product offer toward that product listing—each car has the potential to carry a person (i.e., create a sale). However, only one car at any given time is in the correct position (the Buy Box) to let passengers on easily. Amazon has an operator (algorithm) that selects which car is in this position based on contributing factors like price, inventory availability, fulfillment method, and other seller performance metrics. If there are ten perfectly equal sellers all competing for the same product’s Buy Box, they would each win the Buy Box for approximately 10 percent of each day. Alternatively, a relatively high-performing seller could have 70 percent of the Buy Box, an average seller could have 25 percent, and a lower performing seller only 5 percent. Therefore, instead of saying that a given seller “wins” or “loses” the Buy Box, a more correct term would be to say that a particular seller has a larger or smaller “share” of the Buy Box.

Our Services

We not only help you maximize your share of the Buy Box on all of your products, we also help you achieve a higher level of profitability on those products. And we manage the process for you, so you can focus on what you do best to grow the rest of your business.

Our services are built on a model we call the Marketplace Flywheel®, an approach that helps each brand create its own virtuous cycle of greater sales, conversions, and profits by focusing on three key factors: channel governance (controlling your brand), branding optimization (creating high-quality product listings), and growth-based advertising (advertising that grows valuable organic sales).

Read more about the Marketplace Flywheel®, a better option for brands on Amazon.

We provide different service levels and plans depending on a brand’s needs. Please see our Services page for details.

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