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Liz Fickenscher is the Industry Liaison at eComEngine where she gets to interact with clients and thought leaders in the eCommerce world. She is an eCommerce specialist, a collector, writer, speaker, and a friend. She also hosts eComEngine webinars on YouTube, writes blog posts, and attends various industry events.

Liz holds a BA in English and MA in Literature from Virginia Commonwealth University.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How the new Amazon Request a Review button works
  • Amazon’s restrictions on sending custom emails to customers and Liz’s advice to sellers who haven’t been restricted
  • Why Amazon customers prefer to give ratings instead of leaving reviews
  • Liz discusses why Amazon is opening packages for inserts and how this violates Amazon’s terms of service
  • Is Amazon biased on their scrutiny of sellers?
  • The power of a single review and how sellers can request and get initial reviews for their products
  • Liz shares why customers love reading reviews and how to spot fake reviews on Amazon
  • Liz talks about using LandingCube to offer discounts to buyers to help promote and boost Amazon sales
  • How to re-target customers after purchasing products on Amazon
  • Liz reveals the things she’s looking forward to in Amazon Seller Central and new programs that can help third party sellers

In this episode…

Amazon sellers are aware that good reviews for their product listings can potentially drive large volumes of sales. But for new sellers and those who have been in the market a while but have yet to make a single sale, getting reviews and that elusive five-star rating doesn’t come easy. Some sellers end up soliciting reviews illegally just to gain traction on their channel, but should Amazon catch up with them, they risk having their accounts suspended and product listings taken down.

So what is the best way to get relevant reviews on Amazon the right way?

Liz Fickenscher is an eCommerce specialist and she is this episode’s featured guest on Buy Box Experts. Tune in as Eric Stopper interviews Liz about the best strategies Amazon sellers can use to get product reviews, how Amazon’s Request a Review button works and why they open packages before sending them out. Also, discover the power of a single review and the best tips on how to retarget buyers after they’ve made a purchase. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18
Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast This is Eric Stopper. Today’s episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We’ve got a team of consultants. I am one of them to come and reach out to us go to bu click on the free analysis button. You’ll be connected with me or a member of my team. And we will just subject your listings in your account to violent violent scrutiny so that you can run a better business buy box experts comm click on the free analysis button. Today I am pleased to be joined by Liz Fickenscher, industry liaison at eComEngine. Liz is a collector, a writer, a speaker and a friend. You can find her on webinars and blog posts and Many industry events, go and check it out on YouTube and on the eComEngine blog. Liz, welcome to the show.

Liz Fickenscher 1:06
Thanks, Eric. I’m happy to be here.

Eric Stopper 1:09
So I want to hit on the kind of the most critical things as of the date of this podcast. And I mean, specifically the kind of the review changes that Amazon has been making over the last few months. What is the state of everything I saw that request review button pop up, and a lot of people have been wondering what to do with it. Can you kind of give us the full rundown?

Liz Fickenscher 1:33
Sure. So at the end of 2019, Amazon introduced that request review button. So you go into your orders, you go to a particular order up in the right hand corner, there’s a little button that says request a review, you click that it sends a message to your buyer that does not go through buyer seller messaging because they’re completely different mechanism and it’s an email that Amazon actually wrote. It’s not You can’t edit it, you can’t customize it at all. It pops in a picture of the product that the customer ordered. It also pops in a place where the recipient can leave seller feedback. So it’s a two shot product review, seller feedback is delivered to the recipient in their chosen language. And Amazon’s been super excited about it. So they approached us and said, Hey, do you want this, we want you to have this for free by five. So we worked with them. And we rolled it out to all of our users. And it’s available for all of our new users or potential users. And it’s just super easy. And what it does is just automates the clicking of that button, pretty much it doesn’t click the button for you, but it works through the same mechanism. And you can just sort of set it and forget it and you know, click the button a whole bunch.

Eric Stopper 2:51
Now this doesn’t replace, like custom emails that you can send to people after the point of purchase does it.

Liz Fickenscher 2:58
I think that you have to choose Either or as a seller I don’t I definitely don’t recommend requesting review both ways because that will definitely get your buyer seller message in trouble I think you have to pick one or the others. So we’ve got some people who have decided to stick with buyer seller messaging because so the old way let’s call it the old way with the old way because they’ve worked hard on their templates because their template is well converting for them. And they’re not ready to make the move yet. However, I don’t know if you guys saw it. I think you did. But last year, Amazon started restricting sellers from proactive buyer seller messaging they got this scary email that says you marry someone of the following and they didn’t tell you which one you did. I was having a conversation the other day and somebody said I was like getting a speeding getting pulled over by the cops and getting a ticket you didn’t know what for. So you either you did or you follow too closely or you’re in a stop sign or but we are going to tell you which one you

Eric Stopper 4:00
And show up in court on this day.

Liz Fickenscher 4:02
Right? So that restriction started out small seven days, you know, five days and then it launched into a full on 30 day restriction from proactive buyer seller messaging. And what we’re seeing now is that people who’ve been restricted more than once could receive a permanent ban from part of buyer seller messaging. So those folks are definitely using the request review functionality because it doesn’t go through buyer seller messaging. Amazon has said to us, yes, restricted people can use it because it’s not buyer seller messaging. So it’s a way for them to continue their outreach in a less personalized way, but still continue to send that out. And we’re actually seeing it convert pretty well. Or we don’t have hard data yet. I just have anecdotal stuff. But not only are a lot of our customers seeing an increase in reviews, but they’re also seeing an increase in positive seller feedback and what I think is You got an email as a human, and it’s got two sets of stars on it and you’re not going to like click one set of stars and not the other one are going to feel like you didn’t finish, I guess. So people have actually seen an increase in positive seller feedback as well, because that that email asks for both

Eric Stopper 5:15
interesting. Okay, so it could even be a play for just garnering some, some different types of feedback. Now, if you had to. It sounds like if you have to choose between the two, you would want to go with the one that’s more customized, though. And then just as soon as they start restricting you, you just move to the one that Amazon built.

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Liz Fickenscher is an eCommerce specialist and she is this episode’s featured guest on Buy Box Experts. Tune in as Eric Stopper interviews Liz about the best strategies Amazon sellers can use to get product reviews, how Amazon’s Request a Review button works and why they open packages before sending them out. Also, discover the power of a single review and the best tips on how to retarget buyers after they’ve made a purchase. Stay tuned.