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Your Checklist to Better Amazon Advertising Awaits

Whether you are running hundreds or thousands of ads on Amazon, a regular audit to your account is a must.

Combing through your account allows you to see which ads are raking in the profit and which ones are draining your funds. You’ll also discover new opportunities, like which keywords you should bid on.

This checklist will serve as a guide to perform your own advertising audit. If a comprehensive audit is too complicated, save time by directly scheduling an FREE Amazon Advertising Audit here!

Buy Box Experts’ Advertising Self-Audit Checklist…

Is Easy to Understand

We break it down to six simple steps to gain a simple and clear understanding on how your ads are performing and opportunities for growth.


Clear Next Steps

Each point has detailed steps on how to find the data you need to maximize your ROI.

Hits Every Angle

Our checklist hits on understanding advertising metrics, filling holes in your current strategy and seizing opportunities your competitors’ are leaving behind.

Is 100% Free

We love selling on Amazon and we want to help sellers like ourselves. That’s why our Amazon Advertising Self-Audit Checklist is 100% free and comes at no cost to you.

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