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Jim Winn

Jim Winn is the co-founder of Rpple Analytics, an Amazon specific influencer marketing tool that provides a dashboard to affiliates and influencers, who then work with brands to create and push content meant to drive Amazon sales.

Jim has a BA in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University. He is an enthusiastic tinkerer, husband, and father, and also the founder of a seven figure business called Kentucky Home Brands.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Why Rpple Analytics was founded and how it has evolved to where it is today
  • How Jim Winn created Rpple Analytics to outmaneuver the competition
  • What happens when brands and publishers join the Rpple marketplace
  • Jim discusses how brands can support publishers in promoting their products
  • The lifecycle of an email blast or publication in driving traffic and converting sales, and the best strategies for driving consistent traffic
  • Jim shares his thoughts on working with influencers and monetizing on TikTok
  • Jim’s advice to brands on how to increase their odds of getting into the Amazon editorial recommendation posts
  • Successes brands have seen from using the Rpple Analytics tool on Amazon
  • How to get in touch with Jim Winn

In this episode…

Although the Amazon marketplace has seen tremendous growth over the last couple of years, not every product search is done directly on this channel. A wide range of traffic is directed to Amazon from email blasts and referrals from other websites and blogs.

In an effort to leverage the traffic coming from these external publishers and influencers, Jim Winn co-founded Rpple Analytics, an Amazon specific influencer marketing tool. Rpple provides brands with a user-friendly platform for Amazon influencer discovery, management, and performance based ads, helping them grow their traffic to new heights.

Jim Winn joins Eric Stopper in this episode of Buy Box Experts to talk about why he created Rpple Analytics, how it works, and the best strategies for using it. He also discusses Amazon celebrity stores and monetizing Tik Tok. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:09
Welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast where we bring to light the unique opportunities brands face in today’s e-commerce world.

Eric Stopper 0:18
Hey and welcome to the Buy Box Experts podcast. This is Eric Stopper. This episode is brought to you by Buy Box Experts. Buy Box Experts takes ambitious brands and makes them unbeatable. We have a team of consultants come reach out to us there’s lots and lots of issues having to do with Amazon whether it’s shipping or fulfillment or buy box issues or sales or advertising doesn’t matter. Come and talk to us. We’d love to help go to click on the free analysis button and you’ll be connected with me or a member of my team.

Today, I am pleased to be joined by Jim Winn, co-founder of Rpple Analytics. It’s an Amazon specific influencer marketing tool that provides a dashboard to affiliates and influencers, who then work with brands to create and push content meant to drive Amazon sales. Jim’s an enthusiastic tinkerer, a husband, a father, and the founder of a seven figure business called Kentucky Home Brands that has several brands that you’ve probably purchased from. Jim, welcome to the show.

Jim Winn 1:22
Hey, thanks for having me on. Excited to be here.

Eric Stopper 1:25
So lots and lots of questions, the kind of external driving traffic to Amazon business model has become a lot more popular in recent months. And I just kind of wanted to get a flavor for how Rpple evolved into what it is right now. And where the Genesis was like what was the main pain that you guys were addressing that got you to where you are today?

Jim Winn 1:51
Yeah, so you mentioned earlier that your own and found a few different physical product companies and you know, way in the early days, pre Rpple, we saw the importance of outside traffic we saw we did a few promoted posts with a few bloggers and influencers and the response is really good. And we can see the impact that our products had with BSR. You know, once the Amazon algorithm saw that outside traffic coming in responded really well, but it only lasted you know, for a day or two until the impact of that email blast or whatever, that pay promotion we’re off. And so we decided to really double down on that and like that was back when Pay Per Click within Amazon was getting just wildly expensive and competitive. So we’re looking for other ways to kind of outmaneuver our competition and a few really competitive categories. So we started going out and contacting every single website that came up in the first couple pages of a Google search for our particular product or category of products and, you know, talking to them to get them to you know, link to our products or to somebody else’s and kind of steal that that SEO real estate and that was really effective for us, but just on godly, time consuming and just labor is so You know, over time, as we did more and more of that we internally kind of built a platform that enabled us to automate those relationships and keep track of, you know, who sold what, and then compensate them for that. And then over the last couple years that eventually evolved through a small VC round and some self funding into what is today rep was kind of more of a public facing ad platform where publishers and advertisers you know, Amazon specific brands can connect and drive traffic and revenue.

Eric Stopper 3:30
So give me kind of an example of the workflow that a brand or publisher would engage with while using Rpple right, I get the idea of leveraging the followers that I have for something, but I log into Rpple. And what’s the What do I do from there?

Jim Winn 3:48
Yeah, so as a publisher, when brands join, they bring their product catalog into the Rpple marketplace. So those are you know, as a brand, you can control what products show in the marketplace might dump but as a public Once they log in, they might go to the marketplace. And as they are creating new content, let’s say, you know, I’m in the, you know, the Paleo space, and I drive a lot of traffic to Amazon, I’m an affiliate, you know, kind of Amazon affiliate based site. And that’s where a lot of my revenue comes from, you know, I will go log into my beautiful account, go to the marketplace, and I can kind of narrow down so you know, what collagen or paleo related companies or brands are in the Rpple catalog. And so if I’m going to make an affiliate link, or, you know, make it a link to a product on Amazon, I can choose just a random product that I find on Amazon and get paid, you know, Amazon’s, you know, whatever that affiliate commission is for that category. Or I can go into the Rpple marketplace and work directly with a brand and you know, make a link to that product instead. And once I do that, through Rpple, tracking any sales that my link now makes, I’m still linking to Amazon audiences still going through the same kind of user experience. They’re reading content or clicking links on the Amazon page of Nothing changes from the readers’ perspective. But behind the scenes Rpple is tracking that link that click, and we’re able to attribute that sale of that product to that particular publisher. So now the brand can compensate the publisher for the sales they drove. And the publisher is making more money because they’re able to work directly with that brand instead of kind of getting that passive affiliate income. Now they’re able to take control that that steering wheel and actually get paid for the amount of impact they have on that Amazon space.

Eric Stopper 5:31
Yeah, that that makes a lot of sense. And, and I’m wondering, for the brands who already have, like a war chest of emails is is this something that they can leverage to drive additional traffic should they use a different tool is Rpple the right fit for them because it sounds like it’s or these big publishers to drive traffic for a handful of Have curated products. That’s, that’s what I’m hearing.

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