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Amazon Advisory Services

Looking to integrate Amazon to your overall strategy?

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What we do

Buy Box Experts offers advisory services to senior brand leadership teams, looking at the big question of how brands can integrate Amazon into their overall channel management strategy. We address key issues around how to control which sellers represent you on Amazon, and how your branding and retail pricing are managed more carefully. We pinpoint your specific challenges and tradeoffs that you need to be address to be in control of your brand on the Amazon marketplace.

We’ll discuss…

  • What is the current position of your brand today on Amazon?
  • What can your brand learn from these competitors?
  • What should your brand be aiming for on the Amazon channel? What objectives are achievable with disciplined execution?
  • What strategic issues should your brand be considering? What key trade-offs need to be made?

We’ll go in depth on…

  • How do levers that grow the Amazon marketplace end up hurting your brand? What are Amazon’s goals, and how do those affect your brand’s goals for and efforts on this channel?
  • How do brands usually wake up to their “Amazon Channel Problem”?
  • We review the current distribution choices and arrangements of your brand, and discuss how to evolve current channel relationships to support online marketplace channels and better channel management alignment across all channels.
  • We review distribution, advertising, branding efforts of your proposed approach to Amazon.


  • You will have a clearer sense of the tradeoffs you need to make to fix these various Amazon channel issues, and we provide specific use cases of how other firms with similar starting positions have addressed these issues.
  • We discuss expected timing to fix these issues, including on-going changes in internal behaviors and policies that are required to enable long-term changes that drive CONTROL and Growth of your Amazon channel.
  • We discuss what specific personnel and financial investments you may need to make on whichever desired distribution approach you select.
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Consultant details

These advisory offerings are provided by James Thomson, a partner of Buy Box Experts, who is a former Amazon business leader, former management consultant, and holds a Ph.D. in B2B Distribution from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Get results!

Loaded with powerful information, effective strategies and insights, your brand will be ready to dominate on Amazon. We guarantee an increase of sales and ranking after utilizing our services and following our teams’ insights and suggested strategies.


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