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FREE Amazon Advertising Audit

Looking to make more money with your Amazon advertising?

Buy Box Experts has partnered with eComEngine to help you get the most out of your ad strategy.

It’s Time To Audit Your Account

Whether you are running hundreds or thousands of ads on Amazon, a regular and comprehensive advertising audit is a must.

Combing through your account allows you to see which ads are raking in the profit and which ones are draining your funds. You’ll also discover new opportunities as we use tools like RestockPro from eComEngine. This powerful tool helps pinpoint which sponsored products need to have higher quantities to ensure you don’t go out of stock, so you can efficiently and effectively run ads.

You don’t need to perform a complicated ad audit for yourself. Buy Box Experts will do it for you! Our Amazon Advertising Audit is essential for any brand trying to run a top-notch marketing campaign. And the best part? It’s free.

Buy Box Experts’ Advertising Audit…

Offers Strategic Advice

Our experts offer actionable insights and competitive intelligence so you can get an edge over other sellers on Amazon. For instance, we offer tips on how to improve inventory management and keep sponsored products in stock thanks to advanced software like RestockPro from ecomEngine. 

Is Easy to Understand

There’s no complicated jargon here. We break things down for you in a simple, clear, and understandable manner.  

Provides Thorough Data

You won’t get more thorough and actionable data anywhere else. We’ll even give you the top 1,000 keyword opportunities in your category to get you started.

Is 100% Free

We love selling on Amazon and we want to help sellers like ourselves. That’s why our Ad Audit is 100% free and comes at no cost to you.

We’ll grade your account based on the following key metrics:

1.  Best and Worst Keywords: Our audit will tell you which keywords you should be bidding on to drive the most sales. In addition, we’ll help you save money by telling you which keywords you should avoid because they’re wasting your funds. Don’t worry: we’ll help you get the highest ROI possible.

2.  Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR is a measure of how targeted your ads are. If your CTR is low, you’re probably losing ground to competitors.

3.  Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is a metric that affects both your Amazon advertising and organic rankings. Our experts will analyze your PPC campaign’s performance and your organic rank, and help you figure out how to improve your overall conversion rate.

4.  Long-Tail Keyword Optimization: Long-tail keywords, or longer, more targeted keywords, are an essential part of a high-performing Amazon advertising campaign. We’ll help you discover long-tail keywords so that you can get more high-intent, low-cost traffic to your listings.

5.  Keyword Prioritization: Our comprehensive report gives you every keyword you should be bidding on. We’ll even help you prioritize those keywords and fit them in your budget.

6.  Product Listing Page Optimization: More product pages usually means more targeted messaging. An Amazon expert will personally audit your account, giving you insights and advice specifically tailored to your product listing pages.

7.  Best Amazon Ad Practices: At Buy Box Experts, we don’t settle for mediocre. That’s why we’ve partnered with eComEngine to bring you the best Amazon tools, like RestockPro, and strategies on the market. We guarantee our Ad Audit will help you know how to improve your Amazon ad campaigns and performance.

How Does It Work? 

First, one of our Amazon experts will personally contact you via Zoom Meetings. We’ll then give you instructions on how we can temporarily access your account. Then, we’ll start the audit. During the audit, our experts will review your account and PPC campaigns and identify where your greatest opportunities are.

It only takes 30 minutes. All you need is your computer, internet connection, and speakers or headphones.