7 Keyword Research Techniques to

Drive Amazon Sales in 2021

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Amazon may be the world’s third largest search engine, but when it comes to getting your products in front of active shoppers, it's
easily number one. With our newest Amazon SEO Keyword Research Guide, you’ll learn not only how to increase awareness and
exposure of your brand, but also how to get your product in front of qualified, ready-to-buy customers. Download the guide to
uncover 7 Amazon keyword research techniques to outrank your competition and increase sales this quarter.

In this exclusive guide, you will learn:

Where to find the most valuable keywords

How to leverage Amazon’s own data to uncover relevant keywords

Which keyword research tools are worth your time

How to use your competitor’s listings to your advantage

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The Buy Box team brings decades of e‑commerce experience to successfully manage Amazon marketplace accounts -
including Amazon’s own first Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account manager and former head of Amazon Services, James
Thomson. Our team of marketplace veteran account managers combine business savvy with world-class Amazon
Marketplace expertise to provide full-service Amazon marketing services, including (but not limited to):


Channel Governance


Listing Optimization


Data-Driven Advertising


Proprietary Software


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Brand Protection


Channel Advisory Services


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